Xbox 360 repair status not updating

Posted by / 24-Nov-2020 20:04

Xbox 360 repair status not updating

I've downloaded and installed the driver for xbox controller for win7, but it didn't help.In Device Manager, I don't have "Xbox one controller", only just "controller".If I were in your position, I'd suspend the account and save money in the meantime.thank you fanboy.Actually hundreds of people are complaining about this issue as many people use xbox not only for gaming but for their comcast tv viewing - netflix, and other media facebook etc.Unfortunately the old or standard firmware is still incompatible, and connection varies on or off after tinkering with different settings.I think at this point CC should really think about discontinuing this device and just issue the SMC if customers want a basically dont make random posts your voice is a waste.

Then go to the right to "Additional Settings" tab4. Then select "Wireless Information"Just ask a Comcast rep to make your Modem/Vo IP box a BRIDGE and not a GATEWAY/router.It disables the Wi Fi and allows one Ethernet connx to another router of your choice.Basically My D-LINK DIR-825 negotiates the WAN IP, DNS, etc....bypassing the Arris POS.right comcast is not to blame for not updating firmware as the other companies have knowing about this issue for over a year, myself and many others had no issue before switching to comcast, i even asked the rep if there were any compatibility issues with gaming systems before i purchased from them.I dont understand people that want to defend something that is working for them and not others, its exactly like not donating to a cause because you dont know anyone that suffers from the illness or yourself.

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I could unsubscribe from xbox live but that wouldnt make sense as i paid for a year and have 3 months left, wouldnt make much sense, as hopefully march's firmware patch will fix it. comcast is to blame for this yes , all i can say is i hope google Fiber internet service becomes widespread in the next few years or screw it back to verizon is the firmware doesnt work Also saw this was posted in May of last year, saying it would be March 2013 when the firmware would update.