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This allowed any Web application to provide an API to allow retrieval and modification of its data without having to updated the browsers or the servers: all what is needed was embedded in the files served by the Web sites through standard HTTP/1.1.

The drawback of the REST model resides in the fact that each website defines its own non-standard RESTful API and has total control on it; unlike the *DAV extensions were clients and servers are interoperable. Since 2005, the set of APIs available to Web pages greatly increased and several of these APIs created extensions, mostly new specific HTTP headers, to the HTTP protocol for specific purposes: HTTP is independent of the security model of the Web, the same-origin policy.

There were no status or error codes: in case of a problem, a specific HTML file was send back with the description of the problem contained in it, for human consumption.

HTTP/0.9 was very limited and both browsers and servers quickly extended it to be more versatile: These novelties have not been introduced as concerted effort, but as a try-and-see approach over the 1991-1995 period: a server and a browser added one feature and it saw if it get traction. In November 1996, in order to solve these annoyances, an informational document describing the common practices has been published, RFC 1945.

This is the definition of HTTP/1.0 and it is notable that, in the narrow sense of the term, it isn't an official standard.

In parallel to the somewhat chaotic use of the diverse implementations of HTTP/1.0, and since 1995, well before the publication of HTTP/1.0 document the next year, proper standardization was in progress.

The initial version of HTTP had no version number; it has been later called 0.9 to differentiate it from the later versions.

HTTP/0.9 is extremely simple: requests consist of a single line and start with the only possible method Unlike subsequent evolutions, there were no HTTP headers, meaning that only HTML files could be transmitted, but no other type of documents.

These are defined in specifications like Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) or the Content Security Policy (CSP).

The original vision of Tim Berners-Lee for the Web wasn't a read-only medium.

He envisioned a Web were people can add and move documents remotely, a kind of distributed file system.

HTTP/1.1 connections need requests sent in the correct order.

Theoretically, several parallel connections could be used (typically between 5 and 8), bringing considerable overhead and complexity.

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Around 1996, HTTP has been extended to allow authoring, and a standard called Web DAV was created.