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If you are open to it, it can be an incredibly wonderful experience.

Putting up a little resistance can be good, because it gives her a sense of "challenge".

About 6 months ago I posted an ad in M4W Craigslist, titled, "A Pretty Guy for a Pretty Girl." In the ad I posted my guy and girl pic and one pic of me in a skirtsuit. 3 women emailed me their pics, but they were not pretty enough for me to be interested in them.

Stated I was a crossdresser looking for a pretty enough woman my size 4 to 8, and that I could dress her up in my big clothes collection. The other problem was that my email then continued to receive spam / scam emails.

This is a time when it's safe to show interest and if you look almost like a real girl, she will be very interested in taking you the rest of the way.

I always had lots of interested women when I showed up in the french maid costume.

On the other hand, don't resist too much or she might think you can't be controlled and will give up on you.

Halloween is a great time to go to lots of parties and give girls your phone number.

I dont think its rude if u werent attracted to the first few females that replied.

Also being a cd we a lot of us or most of us know what its like to maybe not be pretty enough to others or be judged cus of something. It may appear condescending, but at least Kate posts her pics and let's people see her/him.

so i would think a lot of us wouldnt judge a book by its cover so to say. Either way i wish u goodluck and hope it works out. And 'not exactly catch of the day' is not exactly politically correct either!!!

Besides whats the first thing anyone notices is someones looks then usually after there personality its himan nature.

I do however think u picked a poor choice of words u couldve said a physical attraction wasnt there. Yes there is more to attraction than looks and certainly when it comes to love, but most people are turned on or off by looks initially.

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Often, they are very selfish, self-centered, and lack compassion for others.

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