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While the lieutenant made a call, Xander smiled at the other airman. “This way,” Isaacs said as he used a key to activate the elevator controls.

“You guys do like your security.” “You have no idea,” Isaacs said, and then his dark skin got even darker with a blush. We have a lot of expensive computers in here.” He frowned, and Xander felt another of those Hellmouthy vibes sending little sparks of cold terror though his spine. Okay.” “Yeah, computers.” They both fell silent as the elevator took them down several floors before sliding to a stop.

The lieutenant must have pissed someone off pretty bad to get stuck doing shit guard duty, but then again, Xander didn’t have a whole lot of room to talk. The second rule was that Xander had an uncanny knack for attracting trouble.

He’d gotten stuck doing this food run because two seconds after he’d shown up for an illegal poker game, officers had just happened to wander through the supply tent.

Otherwise, he was going to have a very uncomfortable tour at Peterson. “I have five cases of peaches, ten of assorted meats and twelve cases of Jell-O.And he proved that by grabbing his partner and spinning him around so he had the guy pinned against the wall. By the time Xander pulled the door closed and turned on the light, Daniel was already shimmying out of his pants. Um, lotion, oil, something.” Daniel spun around, a desperate look on his face. Finally though, he got his finger slicked and slid it up inside Daniel’s hot hole. Yeah, he’d read about this on the internet plenty, but doing it in real life took a little more skill than he’d realized. Unfortunately, the man moved inhumanly fast, grabbing Xander’s foot and yanking him out of the closet. This Teal’c guy pretty much set off all his demony warning bells, but P3X-462 was sounding a little too scientific to be a demon dimension. A few flashes of light later, both bad guys collapsed, and Xander was, once again, fight adjacent to the winning side.The man had one seriously fine ass—rounded and well-muscled and so beautifully pale. He had to squirm around and get his hand twisted around uncomfortably before he could get that second finger up into Daniel and start stretching him. “Maybe it’s the crazy-making lust talking, but are you guys suggesting…” Xander stopped and looked from one to the other. “Let’s get to storage room three,” he said without answering Xander. The second the magic vanished, Xander could feel it.Chapter One ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Xander pushed the handcart down the corridor toward the two big-ass metal blast doors.Considering that the military never had to fight anything more interesting than a terrorist, it seemed totally unfair that they got all the good toys and Buffy had to fight world-ending demons with a stake. Credentials.” An armed guard stepped out from behind a metal detector that started flashing madly the second Xander started pushing his cart through.

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