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I thought that she had a little more class than that.

You know, let’s leave the trash to people like me who do reality TV. ” Lawrence, who is known to be a self-proclaimed Bravo show superfan, discussed Kent's circle of friends with Cohen on Thursday, March 1.

Randall and Ambyr got hitched in 2009, got separated in 2016 and filed for divorced in January of this year. Ambyr's had roles on "Ray Donovan" and "All My Children" ...

Randall's got an EP credit on "Power" and helped produce Scorsese's flick "Silence." As for Lala ...

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, but how did she get to be one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood?

The couple went public with their relationship in December, but had kept their love a secret during Emmett's split from his ex-wife, "Ray Donovan" star, Ambyr Childers.

Kent was rumored to have been the other woman while Emmett was still married to Childers prior to their split.

Here are a few facts you may not know about Jennifer Lawrence.

After the "Red Sparrow" actress called the SUR hostess a "c---" on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live," Kent slammed Lawrence for her comments in an interview with "Reality Checked" on Sirius XM on Tuesday, March 2.

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