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Who does naruto end up dating

Naruto and Hinata - Bolt (Boruto) and Himawari Sasuke and Sakura - Salad (Sarada) Shikamaru and Temari - Shikadai Chouji and Karui - Chouchou Ino and Sai - Inojin Kurenai and Asuma - Mirai Sarutobi Kiba is shown with Tamaki, but we don't even know if there's anything going on between them.

Rock Lee is shown training with a kid that looks like him, and Tenten is shown right after that, so maybe that's their kid, or maybe some kid who emulated Lee like he had emulated Guy before.

So far, Sasuke has NOT expressed love for Sakura in the anime or the manga. At this point, if he does, it will probably an expression of platonic love.So that would either mean that she went from suddenly super relevant to irrelevant in a few chapters…OR that Kishimoto-sensei left Hanabi’s fate open-ended for a reason.Here are my reasons: 1) Hanabi is about to play a much bigger role in the anime – the final movie is about her getting kidnapped and a bunch of Konoha shinobi having to go on a rescue mission.She even has a super cute new character design to match her new significance. the movie is supposed to come between chapter 699 and the full-color epilogue, and we were given NOTHING about Hanabi in that epilogue.

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Since Hinata ended up with Naruto, this would have meant that Hanabi would have been the match for Neji. It seems fitting that Neji’s male teammate would step up to fill that role.

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