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Body mechanics refers to the way you use your body to complete various tasks during activities of daily life.

Whether lifting, bending or stretching, you should think of how you are using your back to avoid causing an injury.

The Body Electric mantra has always been "slow and controlled." With my roots in ballet, I instinctively knew that correct form is the basis of all physical disciplines.

To keep making progress, I always encouraged my viewing audience to use heavier weights only when they could do so without compromising correct form.

These microscopic tears create blood flow to the site, which helps build the muscle by strengthening and repairing during periods of rest.

However, not being able to move your limbs through their full range of motion is extremely limiting. The sled was too full and they were not all that strong. The beauty of using dumbbells correctly is that your body will continue to develop to accommodate an increased workload.Slow weight training is by far the most efficient way to increase your muscle mass.When you are ready to increase the resistance for a particular exercise, slow it down, allowing your muscles to go through the complete range of motion.The last few reps should give you the opportunity to work through the fatigue. Moving slowly, eliminates momentum, forcing the muscles to perform all the work, which encourages muscle fatigue.You may require different weight intensities for different muscle groups. When muscles are brought to failure (maximum fatigue) during strength training, microscopic muscle tears occur.

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The idea is to make the most of each rep's three phases—positive, static, and negative—by doing them in slow motion.

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