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Verification online dating

Date specializes in providing the public an affordable way to verify who a potential date really is?

We are a verification service confirming information you assume a potential date is telling you.

It's very easy for one person to impersonate another, upload old photos, and even use camera tricks/Photoshop to make themselves look different from how they look today.

We designed a service where members of a dating website can create an account and then upload photos of themselves that meet strict requirements.

Suggest “Having great quality data that links the online persona to a person’s real world identity makes for a better – and more secure – level of service for everyone.” The benefits of a robust verification system are not limited to safety.

We currently support the following dating websites: OKCupid and Christian Mingle.The application lived on Amazon Web Services, but it can be tested locally. Add this line to cron to require email verification after 30 days: These are the requirements for the private photos that are showed to the member.To download, run the following command: Start My SQL and import config/to create the database and tables. It's the responsibility of administrator to verify the photo against these rules.We do not provide current address information on subjects and confidential personal information which might harm an individual. The website,, is no longer available online so all the code is now open source. One of the predominate issues in online dating today is people don't look like their photos.

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If any of the public photos no long match the new private photo, they should be rejected by the Administrator.

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