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This allows us to specify some dummy text to appear inside the field, before the user has entered their own text (see screenshot below).Again, previously you had to fiddle around with Java Script to achieve this very nice (and useful) effect. If the user tries to submit the form without completing this field then the browser will stop the submission and indicate that the field is incomplete (typically by moving to it and/or highlighting it). This tells the browser to expect a numeric value to be entered.While using Java Script for these purposes is a pretty good solution, it's not without its problems: The good news is that these dark days of Java Script-laden Web forms may soon be coming to an end.Thanks to the joys of HTML5, we can now create forms with built-in validation and rich widgets for dates, numbers and so on, all without including a single line of Java Script code. As with most cutting-edge Web stuff, there's a catch to all this, and that is browser support (or lack of it).On top of this, browsers can display various widgets such as spinners and calendars to let the user easily select a month and year. There are other useful date field types too, including /* Add some margin to the page and set a default font */ body /* Style the form with a coloured background (and a gradient for Gecko/Web Kit browsers), along with curved corners and a drop shadow */ form I won't go into too much detail with the CSS, since that's not the point of this tutorial.

The rule ensures that the floated elements within the form — i.e.Since this number never has spaces between the digits, we can go ahead and use a attribute to constrain the input to exactly 3 digits.If the user enters the data in any other format then the browser will reject it.This means no more pesky Java Script coding to check for required fields. If the user tries to enter anything else, such as letters, then the browser prevents the user submitting the form. These let us specify a range of allowable values for the number — in this case, between 1 and 10 inclusive.Visually, many browsers display number fields with a little spinner to make it easy for users to enter numbers using the mouse.

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Fortunately, there are a few Java Script libraries out there that can emulate HTML5 form validation and widgets, as we'll see later in the tutorial.