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The achievements of those two corps and of the air force that emerged from their unification are certainly worthy of celebration, and Penguin is doing so by publishing a collection of books that tell some of the countless great stories of the RAF.

The Centenary Collection is a series of six paperback books, united by same style of cover and by the same agile format, which bring together a good selection of tales of that human courage that has seen the RAF through the great challenges of its century.

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The book is full of photos that appear on many of the pages, and original letters sent at the time are also reproduced inside.

It is another deserving story: the battles over Greece are not the most famous, so it is great to include them in this collection.

Weeks of suffering, followed by the return of eyesight and a long struggle to get back in control of his hands and have his face rebuilt.

It is a tale of courage and also a story of evolving medical practice.

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He trains in Nairobi, on Tiger Moths, then out to the huge base at Habbaniya, before joining 80 Squadron with its Gloster Gladiators.

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