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The formats that don't include the prompt character just substitute spaces instead.In this article, I will discuss how to create a Masked Text Box control in Windows Forms at design-time as well as run-time.On the other hand, if you have a partially filled out phone number, the Include Prompt And Literals and Include Prompt values will include that prompt character.That means Include Prompt And Literals will be (212)-123-_while Include Prompt is 212123_.Just click the ellipsis (...) next to the Mask property in the Properties window (or click Set the Mask Associated with This Control in the smart tag for the Masked Text Box).

If you set the Text property, the Masked Text Box treats it as though you were typing each character in the string one by one into the text box.If it finds any invalid character, it simply ignores it (without raising an exception).For example, if you have the phone number mask (000)-000-0000, the best way to set a phone number through the Text property is like this: masked Text Box.Text = "2121234567"; Which is displayed as (212)-123-4567.However, you can also use this syntax: masked Text Box.

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