Updating spfile

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Updating spfile

This is important when you want to change a database to use an spfile before you start it. The commands for creating a pfile are almost identical to those for creating a spfile except you reverse the order of spfile and pfile: If your pfile is in the default location and you want your spfile created there as well run Again, this can be done without the database running.

This is useful when the database fails to start due to a parameter set in the spfile.

The default path for the pfile is so this string translates to the default location of the spfile for this database. As long as your pfile is in the default locations and you want your spfile in the default location, you can easily create an spfile with the command These commands should work even when the database is not running!these files contain initialisation parameters which tells the database what settings to start and run the database with. Since 9i spfile has become available and allows you to change certain parameters dynamically (without requiring database restart). Today when i was creating a STANDBY database 11GR2 , i got ORA-16179.I mean when u like to update few Oracle Parameters Dynamically on run then u can update records to spfile, but when u want those changes to be applicable in next startup of DB then u can update the pfile.By default u dnt see pfile so u can use the SQL command called SQLcreate pfile from spfile; and this creates pfile according to current status of the DB and u can update the pfile with new set of records and then u can also use command like startup pointing to pfile.

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