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Ports are the feature of Free BSD that have inspired Linux distribution Gentoo in making portage package manager to mimic the Free BSD ports.

Ports have many more features that we couldn't possibly cover in single article.

Next command we will run will show us what ports are ready for update:pkg updating 20160907: AFFECTS: users of math/galculator AUTHOR: [email protected]galculator now uses GTK3 by default.

An option exists in the port to revert to GTK2 if desired.20160311: AFFECTS: print/cups-base, print/cups-client, print/cups-image AUTHOR: [email protected]The cups-base, cups-client and cups-image packages have been combined into one cups package.

For these users, the problem becomes slightly less straightforward.

For those of you in an affected time zone, the first thing you should do is check your time zone configuration to determine whether it is set up to use the new Daylight Saving Time schedule.

Free BSD operating system can use binary packages with pkg utility, but for for some ocassion, like running newest versions of the code, you would want to compile some programs.

For that, there is very useful ports collection that simplifies compilation process.

The methods will vary from operating system to operating system, but they should all provide tools for installing the packages without direct access to the archives.

A result of Sun Apr 1, on the other hand, means you need to update your software to match the new schedule.

A simple software update from the central repositories using your distribution's or operating system's software management tools should do the trick if that is an option.

In this case do not proceed with the upgrade but delete first the packages:pkg delete -fg "cups*"Then usual upgrade process: pkg upgrade ...... So get some snack, or go for a walk until it finishes.

After update have been finished, lets see how we can find and install additional software using ports.

updating packages in bsd-52updating packages in bsd-89updating packages in bsd-37

If you are using ssh to access your Free BSD machine, you would want to get root for your regular user before proceeding, because you access the VM as user and then you need to use su.

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