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Then go to Volume Z's post in peggybeggs' thread and install the appropriate speed up patches for MS Office 2010, MS Office 2007 and/or the MS Office Compatibility Pack SP3, depending on what product(s) are currently installed on your system.Once all those speed up patches are applied a manual Windows Update should be able to find and install the rest of your missing updates.for the the May 2017 Patch Tuesday (these updates are flagged as "NEW)": For MS Office 2010: KB3191843 (Security Update for Word 2010: May 9, 2017) For MS Office 2007: KB3191836 (Security Update for Word 2007: May 9, 2017) For MS Office Compatibility Pack SP3: KB3191835 (Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3: May 9, 2017) Since you have MS Office 2007 and the MS Office Compatibility Pack SP3, try pre-installing KB3191836 and KB3191835 using the download links in Volume Z's post.Karen Mullen confirmed Thanks Imacri, didn't realise I had MS Office Compatibility Pack SP3, ... I'll try pre-installing KB3191836 and KB3191835 as you say and then KB3191836 (Word 2007) ..what about KB3191827 (Excel 2007) ?The Security Bulletin for KB3191827 at https://support.microsoft.com/kb/3191827 shows that this was released April 11, 2017, so this speed up patch should have already been installed last month with your other April 2017 Patch Tuesday updates.If your Windows Update history doesn't show that KB3191827 was successfully installed in April 2017, search your installed updates at Control Panel | Programs and Features | View Installed Updates for "KB3191827" (not a partial string like "3191827").Windows update sat and searched and nothing seemed to happen for around a half hour.Around six months ago I cloned his hard drive on to an SSD I stuck in his PC.

I was working a client’s network, trying to clean things up, bring them up-to-date and standardize their operations. So I ask Microsoft, since one can no longer find Office 2010 in-store, or on the Microsoft website and since 2013 is incompatible, what is someone supposed to do exactly? Ever wonder why people end up going down the pirated software route, maybe because it is easier than trying to do things properly. I don’t understand this logic (well I personally cannot believe there is logic behind this type of setup) and if I were in any position of power in the Microsoft organization, I would seriously be making heads roll and correcting this situation.

Thanks in advance to all you great folks who help out here! Windows update sat and searched and nothing seemed to happen for around a half hour.

The system also has MS Office (I'm guessing 2007) and runs Bit Defender Security Suite.

Method 2: See the comments in Note 6 of m#l's thread about using Torsten Wittrock's automated WSUS Offline Update tool to install your missing security updates.

It's a two-step process - first select what updates you'd like to install from the interface (options for Vista SP2 are located on the Legacy Products tab) and download the installers, then run Update (located in the Client folder) to finish the installation.

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KB3191827 should be listed there with an "Installed On" date some time in April 2017.

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