Updating maps on garmin gps

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Updating maps on garmin gps

But if you’re looking at sub-0 options – then great – definitely a solid performer.

Polar M460: A very solid option, really solid, priced really well.

The Garmin Edge series allows you to create and/or download structured workouts onto your Edge which include targets and instructions.

Whereas Wahoo doesn’t have that functionality at all.

In total, the number of sync’d platforms is actually pretty similar, albeit just different.

Whereas with the BOLT, Wahoo pushes much of the configuration aspects to your phone.

You’ll use the smartphone companion app to adjust many settings like data fields, whereas on the Edge you’d do that on the device itself.

Wahoo ELEMNT: If you want a bigger screen – go forth and substitute everything I said here and just remove the word ‘Bolt’. Or, it’s because it didn’t hit my mental radar as I wrote this.

Heck, it’s even the same price right now with the rebate thingy. Which is usually a good indicator it doesn’t much matter in the big scheme of things. Here’s the thing – insofar as being a GPS bike computer goes, both these units do a pretty darn good job. But each company has taken their own twist on things.

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If we look at the mounting situation, the units use almost identical mounts. Since Wahoo’s units won’t fit into most 3rd party mounts designed for Garmin units, you’ve got fewer options on the market.

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