Updating estimates of the economic costs of alcohol abuse

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Updating estimates of the economic costs of alcohol abuse

There are a number of locally-registered private medical doctors (general practitioners, or GPs) several clinics and pharmacies.

If you as a visitor are vulnerable to any health problem, ask at where you say if they can contact an on-call doctor if needed and bring a plentiful supply of your own medically-prescribed non-narcotic prescriptions.

But if an employee has a qualifying "event" (such as getting married or divorced or having or adopting a child, or if a hitherto-unemployed spouse or child becomes employed, as two examples), he or she can change the insurance coverage to include a non-working spouse and exclude a working spouse..

New and current working residents are required to enroll in the healthcare, medical and hospitalization plans offered by their employers and to pay half the costs.

There is no Long Term Health Care Insurance offered at all by local insurance companies and those international insurance companies incorporated in Bermuda offering it in other countries even when their home offices are, for example, in the USA, are not allowed by law to offer it in Bermuda.

Many residents, whose major medical insurance through their employers stops, if they had it at all, when they reach 65, have had to spend many thousands of dollars of their own money overseas, with no insurance.

For any unforeseen medical emergencies or unexpected death while in Bermuda, they should take out adequate travel/health and major medical insurance coverage before they arrive.

They do not qualify for any type of contributory Bermuda health insurance coverage offered to qualifying locals.

However, employer's participating insurance companies cannot turn employees away or charge them more because they have an illness or medical condition.

Personal partners who are not spouses are not included as such.

Healthcare provisions apply only to employers and their employees and the latter's family (spouse and children) when the employee's spouse is not working with another employer.

There is no UK-style or Canadian publicly funded through general taxation National Health Service equivalent in Bermuda.

Bermuda does not have any government-issued or private health service offering free healthcare, medical, hospital, surgical or medical prescription services in return for taxes paid by residents.

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If you have health insurance in your own country but it does not cover you for medical expenses abroad, consider supplemental insurance.

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