Updating elementary schools

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The Forum is a representative body sponsored by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) of the U. Department of Education in collaboration with the states.The purpose of the Forum is to help improve the quality, comparability, and timeliness of data used for education policy at all levels of government.Building the capacity to answer key policy questions into management systems, whether for property, staff, or instructional support, can lead to better data with less effort.Because the role and impact of technology in the education system are extremely pervasive and the need to know correspondingly broad, this guide deals with the integration of a wide range of electronic technologies into support of school management and instruction.Much of the information needed about the status and use of technology resources in schools can be provided by existing information systems or obtained from available records that schools or school districts may keep about their computer and software purchases, use, and maintenance.But some information may be more appropriately gathered by way of specially designed and administered surveys using questionnaires focused on those specific issues.The strategy chosen by the authors has been to identify key questions on the use of technology in educational management and instruction, and to specify how such questions might be answered.

Consensus developed that agreement on the important questions, and an understanding of how answers to these questions might be assessed, would serve an important public policy purpose.

The task force also wishes to thank the following external reviewers, who examined the draft and made many valuable suggestions, some of which were adopted: Barbara Clements, Evaluation Software Publishing, Inc.; Sara Fitzgerald, Consortium for School Networking; Ann Flynn, Technology Leadership Network, ITTE-National School Boards Association; Laurence Goldberg, Director, Technology and Telecommunications, Abington School District, Abington, Pennsylvania; Melinda George, Executive Director, State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA); Julian Katz, Supervisor, Data Analysis, Howard County Public Schools, Ellicott City, Maryland; Keith Krueger, Executive Director, Consortium for School Networking; Lawrence Lanahan, Education Statistics Services Institute; Tim Magner, Director, Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), Software and Information Industry Association; Catherine Mozer Connor, Office of the Inspector General, U. Department of Education; Jeffery Rodamar, Planning and Evaluation Service, U. Department of Education; Craig Stanton, Office of the Undersecretary, Budget Service, U. Department of Education; and Geannie Wells, Director, Center for Accountability Solutions, American Association of School Administrators (AASA).

Last but by no means least, the task force acknowledges with gratitude the efforts of those who edited the handbook and prepared it for publication: Deborah Durham-Vichr, editorial consultant; and Martin Hahn (editor), Cecelia Marsh (proofing), and Mariel Escudero (design and layout) of the Education Statistics Services Institute.

Feedback and More Information Please note that this guide is also available on the Forum's web site.

Since technology and schools evolve, this document will require continual revision.

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A Forum Technology in Schools Task Force was created and began its work in January 1999.

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