Trouble with dating a younger man

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Trouble with dating a younger man

Before you decide, consider this: The whole scene, start to finish, took twenty minutes, max. He has a brief recovery time-out, and you start all over again.

Your kisses are delicious and wet and deep and full. Not all experiences with every twenty-five-year-old man turn out this way, but this scenario is not uncommon. It could have been a lot more pleasing, however, if you were somehow able to tell him to slow down, tease, play, and give you what you want. Thirdly, they have learned that great sex doesn't have to include intercourse at all -- it's only one option. Men in the second half of life -- men over fifty -- have taken a heavy hit in our society. Men in midlife-plus have to struggle to get and maintain erections.

Another driver to decelerate and participate fully is this: The physical aging process slows down the urgency that leads to the "wham-bam-thank you ma'am" needs of his younger counterpart.

The necessity to ejaculate takes a second chair to touch and connection.

What if you talked about what pleased you and what didn't, and your partner acted on it?

What if you had a partner who was more interested in pleasuring you than in satisfying himself? Older men have a quiet confidence and patience that allows enjoyment of the entire sexual experience, yours and his.

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What if we took the emphasis off erections, and off intercourse, and off orgasm? What if we decided that having sex was about pleasuring each other, taking time to explore bodies, building up passion intentionally, gradually, bit by bit, savoring each move?