Tegoshi dating

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Tegoshi dating

Since nobody bothered to post it, the same news station later posted an apology on their site basically saying that they used Yukirin's likeness as a placeholder and it had no relation to the content of the rumor. gonna masugomi.

Incomplete information, and not even good ones at that.

(LOL)Tegoshi was also rumored with Haruna Kojima before, right? The Panas will go wild again Tegoshi sure is popular, huh.

It looks like his persona on Itte Q is working with the girls.

The most risqué news there was about Tegoshi-san having an affair with idol "K". Yuya Tegoshi kissing SKE48's Momona Kito Is he only after the ugly girls?They then entered a Yakiniku shop together with an acquaintance and were pictured with several colleagues after eating.However, it was recently revealed that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is dating SEKAI NO OWARI vocalist Satoshi Fukase (28) and now we’re getting reports that she is two-timing him by meeting with another man, Tegoshi.Information [Single “BLUE”]It’s a fantastic soccer song themed around “blue”!Opening up with a glorious chorus, this spirited fight song delivers the “bond” of NEWS, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. [Album “EPCOTIA”]A mega-fantastical production based on the theme of “space travel”!

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