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The unofficial theme of this year’s summit was “empowerment” – an obvious nod to the current feminist moment, though perhaps an odd one for a company premised on putting young, sometimes vulnerable women in relationships with older, more powerful men. Others went a more seasonal route, in crops tops and miniskirts. Attendees ranged from expert sugar babies giving advice, to novices looking to step up their game, to prospective sugar babies wondering if they should sign up for Seeking Arrangement at all.If you're not having fun in the Sugar world, you aren't doing it right. Seeking Arrangement employees in tight-fitting red dresses flitted around the area, ushering attendees into conference rooms for seminars like “Sugar Semantics” and “Relationships on Your Terms”.

According to the official Seeking Arrangement origin story, the site was born of Mr Wade’s life-long failures with women – and from his mother’s advice that one day, when he was successful and generous, the women would come.In a pinstripe blazer and trendy black tennis shoes, the 48-year-old bore little resemblance to the nerdy self he proclaims to have been during his college years at MIT.Throughout the conference, Mr Wade – who adopted the pseudonym because it sounded more “Hugh Hefner-esque” – was surrounded by beautiful, prospective sugar babies jostling for his attention.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.

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The women recounting their trauma during the Me Too movement, he said, “feel that they’re put in a situation where it’s a lose-lose scenario.

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  1. Instead of being turned off by the experience, however, Mr Wade used it as the basis for his business model. But, he added: “From a biological standpoint, our DNA is programmed a certain way.