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Be careful that you’re not about to ask a crackhead for his lighter. If you walk past someone who smells like skunk, you can bet that they don’t have skunks living in their house. Everybody knows what the stoner’s rolling paper packet looks like.The chances are that you just found out someone is a stoner. Yes, there’s chunks of the cardboard missing because they’ve used it to make a roach filter.Or maybe you don’t actually smoke and are just nosy, trying to find out if your kids, friends or parents smoke weed.In any case, we’ve compiled this list of ways to find out if someone is a pothead! Stoner eyes are the best indicator someone is a stoner. It’s about those lazy eyelids, those unfocused stares.

They are tripping with the fairies and it takes some time to bring them back down to Earth.

But if they don’t have that lingering tobacco smell, then you probably have a stoner nearby. Almost every stoner uses the bottom of the lighter to stubb out joints or to push the smoked bowl down.

For good measure, if there’s scratches on the bottom sides of the lighter, you know that they use it as a bottle opener, too.

Just as a disclaimer – you can get some pretty strange reactions if you wander up to a non-smoker asking if they want to share your joint.

There are a whole lot of reasons you might want to tell if someone is a pothead.

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If you have to repeat yourself many times, you’ve found one of your own kind! It’s probably how my mother found out that I smoked weed – aside from all of the other ways that it’s easy to tell.

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