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Have you always wanted to create a website, but didn’t know exactly how?

Or, you feel like making a site would be helpful, but you’re not exactly sure why you need a site. We’re going to go from A-Z – everything you need to know to make a website in no time., is where you make changes to the website you’ve created.

Think of the platform as the bones of your website.

Just like some houses are built from stone and some are built from wood, your website will be built upon your choice of platform.

You want your site to load faster than Donald Trump posting an ill-advised tweet.

Generally speaking, the more you pay, the faster your speed.

Heavier traffic places a greater strain on the servers.

Plus, Word Press also has thousands of free templates, allowing you to endlessly customize the look and feel of your website.

In terms of ease of use, resources available, and overall flexibility, it’s really difficult to beat Word Press.

You don’t need to get too caught up in the technical details of what this means.

All you need to know is that your website needs to be built , meaning it works really well on tablets and mobile devices, which is absolutely essential these days.

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If your site doesn’t work well on mobile, no one will want to visit it.

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