Splistitem update not updating

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Splistitem update not updating

depending on the type of set and purpose for this script). this enables the “Export” menu on the Web Part Properties.

Once you have exported the Web Part definition if you open it you will find that the Web Id property will be blank.

The Lumia 1020 was standout and I still don’t think I’ve seen anywhere NEAR the quality in a phone camera since (see Some real photos from 6 Months of using a 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020).

The interface is neat and the photos always seem to be sharp, quick to focus, quick to take and the image quality is excellent (even in low light levels).

And I’m not talking about “number of apps” (in fact that’s in my “hate” section later). The integration for payment-options (which gets baked into the NFC payment system) was fairly intuitive and quick to use.

I’m talking about apps that feel like they’ve had the level of investment they deserve (regular updates and feature improvements). Both convenient and simple to setup I can easily switch from stored credit cards to my mobile provider and back .. Ok there are a few things off the bat which really get on my tits!

It is quite rare that I get a photo that I feel is sub-part in quality, so that is something which really stood out for me. I have the options of fingerprint, iris scanning, “pattern” unlock, pin-codes and the like.

) The first thing I think that leapt out was the design.For Mobile data, do I have 4G, 3G or just GSMA connection?On Windows Mobile these were all “at a glance” features, but now it seems I have to click in-and-out of various menus to try and find this information out.I was pleasantly surprised to find that almost all of the core “Windows” apps I relied upon (Cortana, One Drive, Outlook, One Note, Microsoft Office (Word / Excel / Power Point), Skype, Yammer) were not only available on the Google Play store but were in some cases even more feature rich than they were on Windows. all very seamless (and to be honest, what you expect from a platform this mature! First off the “curved infinity display” screen which Samsung gave such a song and dance about.Of particular delight was the “Nokia Here Now” app (basically the “Nokia Maps / Nokia Drive / Nokia Transit / Microsoft Maps” app from the Windows Mobile store) which still included the fully-offline downloadable maps and turn-by-turn satnav modes completely free of charge! It looks gorgeous and most of the time is amazing, but on some apps (where they place the interface right along the edge) it just means you are constantly trying to hit “that sweet spot” by the edge of the screen which is just “on the curve” On that subject, the glass body on the phone can be extremely slippery! Do NOT put your phone in your pocket with keys / coins or any other sharp-edged metal.

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its been a while since I blogged last but finally have something Share Point(y) to post about 🙂 This time I was asked by a client if it was possible add a “List View” (Xslt List View Web Part) to a different site than the one where the list exists.