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Some birth defects also have been associated with a mother’s exposure to nitrate in drinking water.These include neural tube defects, limb deficiencies and cleft lip and palate, said Peter Weyer, interim director of the Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination at the University of Iowa.“I was very disappointed with what occurred this year,” said state Sen. “We’ve been working backwards.” The question plaguing Iowans and their legislators is how to find a balance between protecting constituents and protecting Iowa’s bustling farm economy.According to the Iowa Farm Bureau, agriculture and its relative industries contribute 2.2 billion into Iowa’s economy and create one in every five jobs in the state.Because blue baby syndrome seldom is diagnosed, the argument could be that perhaps a 15 ppm or 20 ppm standard would be acceptable, he said.“However, the cancer studies we have conducted show that the risk increases for long term consumption of drinking water that has nitrate concentrations at or above 5 ppm, or half the drinking water standard,” Weyer said.All three are in the northern part of Cedar Falls and covered by a shallow layer of bedrock, which allows more nitrates to infiltrate.They stand in contrast to Cedar Falls’ southern water wells, where thicker bedrock layers better confine and protect the groundwater, found a journalism collaboration between the University of Northern Iowa Science in the Media, the Cedar Falls High School Tiger Hi-Line and Iowa Watch.

A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit in March saying the state had to resolve the problem, not the drainage district.

“As the runoff moves, it picks up and carries away natural and human-made pollutants, finally depositing them into lakes, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters, and groundwaters,” the study explained.

Nitrates can appear naturally in drinking water at low levels.

The body in instances like that converts the nitrates into nitrites.

The nitrites then react with the oxyhemoglobin, or oxygen carrying proteins in the blood, to form methemoglobin, a protein that cannot carry oxygen.

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The body becomes deprived of vital oxygen if a large enough concentration of methemoglobin builds up in the blood, giving skin a blue hue.