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Slow dating cardiff

But Cardiff castle’s history goes back much further, to Roman times.

(You can still see a section of Roman fortification built into the outer wall of the castle.) Its golden age is much more recent, though.

From tracks that capture the bittersweet memory of a relationship that’s run its course, to pop anthems that’ll remind you just how great you are, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best break up songs to help you beat the blues.

This epic ballad by Adele has featured on countless break up playlists.

Sometimes the oldies are the best, and Elton John’s incredible ode to surviving heartache should be on everyone’s break up anthem playlist.

Once the worst is over, you’ll still be standing, even better than you were before.

has made our top break up songs list for its incredible message of positivity and self-worth. ‘I’m stronger / than I ever thought that I could be.’ This song is perfect for banishing any doubts you might have. And if the wound’s still raw, it’s always fun to shout ‘Forget You’ at your ex.

Christina’s powerful voice is the perfect vehicle for this empowering message.

In 1947 the castle was given to the people of Cardiff and it is now preserved for visitors to enjoy ( During the Second World War Nazi bombing raids targeted Cardiff docks.

The castle’s walls were used as air-raid shelters, which could accommodate two thousand citizens.

We all know the NSFW version of this track, but even without the expletives, Cee-Lo Green’s hit is a prime pick-me-up. will remind you just how strong you are, no matter how anyone else has made you feel.

‘You thought I couldn’t last without you, but I’m lastin’ / You thought that I would die without you, but I’m livin’.’ There’s also a handy little reminder near the end that lashing out is never a good idea, just in case.

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Rare is the person who can resist singing along when they hear that opening line: ‘At first I was afraid, I was petrified…’ Gloria made it through and so will you. ‘Baby, I won’t shed a tear for you / I won’t lose a wink of sleep.’ Those are words to live by. This Ace of Base classic takes what could be a negative subject (asking a former, unpleasant, partner to, well, get lost) and turns it into a wonderfully upbeat and catchy song.