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The Rafael family picked them up off the streets of central Europe and then used them to claim benefits by arranging National Insurance numbers for them, but pocketed the cash themselves, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Headed by Roman Rafael, the gang, from Slovakia, were convicted of charges including forced labour, money laundering and conspiracy to traffic with a view to exploitation. The couple were part of the gang that were convicted at Teesside Crown Court of trafficking homeless people from eastern Europe into Britain to work as slaves Victims were picked up from Slovakia and the Czech Republic and offered flights to the UK and work, but were then enslaved and sent to work in food packaging factories, the court heard.

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Ruzena Rafaelova, 58, also from Newcastle, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit slavery and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Roman Rafael, 33, and Marian Rafael, 39, had earlier pleaded guilty.

The jury were told they were sent to clean houses and pull springs from old mattresses for the scrap metal between 2010 and last year.

Jurors were told the victims included a homeless Slovakian father and his son who has learning difficulties.

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