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Singles dating find a drummer

When I, on rare occasions, get some speed going on a triple-stroke, it sounds so much better than LL-RR-LL-RR-LL-RR, if you know what I mean.Bonham was good, but I was always kinda partial to Keith Moon for his reckless abandon.Steve Gadd is maybe the greatest and most prolific all-around (pop, pop-rock, jazz, fusion) drummers-- brilliant and legendary.Vinnie Colaiuta is also brilliant and has a Tony Williams style.Karizma w/ Vinnie playing "I'm Tweaked" which is all 4/4.He makes it sound like he's going off into different time signatures, but it's all 4/4. v=wz3MLLyb Mm0&feature=related Bernard "pretty" Purdie , anyone ??? v=kc2Iq_W--e Y&feature=related Soul Drums 1968 , a good dancer !

Actually, it is pretty hard to believe that these guys weren't in the top 20 or so.

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Originally they just used the name "Wrathchild" but then some group over in England had the same name and Wrathchild became "Wrathchild America". He eventually ended up with a group called "Ugly Kid Joe" and he played a few tunes on Glenn Tiptons' first album.hmmm, I'd have to say that the best drummer of all time is Neil Peart, but that's just my opinion.

I will throw Terry Bozzio into the hat for being unworldly skilled, powerful, able to groove, rock, and do completely impossible experimental melodic hand/foot combinations. Here is the late great Jim Chapin on the moeller technique. I want to try and control the stick, rather than allowing the stick to do what it needs to, if that makes sense.

The moeller technique is known by most jazz greats. Jo Jo Mayer Is the first drummer I watched to point out this method. And that's where Moeller, and Jim Chapin, and Dave Weckl, come in.

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Kudos to Ready for mentioning Cobham-- the master technician with precision, speed, and power.