Silvia barthes dating

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Silvia barthes dating

And, you know, fighting this and trying to do anything I can to stop this child pornography that's why I'm here. CALLER FROM MINNEAPOLIS: Yes, Larry, I'm a clinical psychologist who's been in practice 20 years and I have evaluated over 2,000 children that have been sexually abused and in every case with no exception the child who was taken advantage of through pornography or abuse had a parent who was sexually abused and has not dealt with it. I'm wondering, Justin, was your father or your mother a sexual abuse victim to your knowledge? But first, let's listen to the audio tape of that phone call to the authorities. BARTHES: (inaudible) You do have -- he's not who you think is (inaudible) weapon.

Yanni joins me here in the studio to talk about it for the first time.

I later went to a site called which allows you to see old captured images of Web sites to look and see what these things were because this was supposedly some international fraud and I didn't quite understand what the point of it was. KING: So would you say that thousands of people are involved in this right now tonight? The one thing that I do know is that when you're looking at a law enforcement problem and that's what this is, this is a law enforcement problem.

And, when I called up the Mexico Friends site up popped an image that really could have come out of a seventh grade yearbook. There was other pedophiles that were -- that were among me at the time. They were there with me and the things that were done by those people I'm not going to talk about here but it wasn't pretty. BERRY: A whole world, this is a large community on the Internet. BERRY: Tonight, truthfully I don't know the exact number. This isn't -- just because the Internet is involved doesn't make it some other more complex issue. KING: At the house, you had prostitutes coming over.

It was a picture of Justin at the age of 14 but he actually looked more like he was about 12 and there was this disconnect, you know. He was in the middle of a vast criminal conspiracy and that was when I put my reporter's hat back on. However, it's like I said this is an increasingly large business growing day by day and it needs to be stopped. I'm so excited for the congressional hearings this morning and I'm amazed on the response and I just appreciate everything everyone is doing. And when you have a law enforcement problem the way you solve it is usually with prosecutions. There aren't a lot of prosecutions coming out of the evidence that Justin provided.

He was joined by Kurt Eichenwald of "The New York Times," who first told Justin's story last December. They'll take a child who is a normal kid who goes to school, has their friends, and they will manipulate their minds in ways that you can't even imagine.

For myself, the last few years has been -- has been deeply traumatic. You know I have looked at many, many kids who have dealt with this.

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KING: How does he, the person doing this, get the money to you? At the time, Earth Link had a promotion in which they were giving out free Logitech webcams and I was the receiver of one. BERRY: My interest in this was to meet other kids online, improve my social life. At that point, he was exhibiting a lot of changed behaviors and she took him to see a mental health professional at the time and, you know, tried to get -- tried to figure out what was wrong but Justin never told anyone at that point that he was being molested.

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