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But I do not think there is consensus on the following things, which are treated as obvious and noncontroversial at Google.We could go on, or start a centithread on any of these subjects.Many more, however, appeared to signal solidarity with the now fired Googler.Again, this represents only a sampling of the various discussions happening within Google right now; it's hard to say how broadly they apply at the company.

According to screenshots of discussions on Google's internal message forum, several employees agreed with the 10-page manifesto that cost Damore his job.

Google as shining light in the sea of darkness right?

But then, what do you propose to do about Googlers who are well within general norms of the country, and many other businesses like IBM, Oracle or whatever - but who do not agree with progressive consensus which is currently in effect in our internal discourse?

At one point on Friday, on a thread titled "Why the focus on sex instead of race?

," a Google employee noted that "the paper is striking at a lot of people’s values.

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neuroticism," which "may contribute to the higher levels of anxiety women report on Googlegeist and to the lower number of women in high stress jobs." (Googlegeist is the company's annual data-driven employee survey.)Damore's memo brought a renewed focus to Silicon Valley's gender inequity, as well as the inevitable charges from conservative corners that Google was attempting to silence Damore simply for speaking his mind.

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