Sexy chat wechat

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Sexy chat wechat

The only way to handle these messages is to immediately delete them, without clicking the link attached.If in doubt, call school/daughter/husband to verify (although in some odd cases, the latter may happily say it is a scam when it is actually not..).Around this time of year, the results of the annual are released.Prospective students and their family feverishly look to get admitted to a good university.Another version of this scam is the message from the school administration, telling parents to click the link to see their child’s latest report card.Scammers will even say they are their children’s English or maths teacher, boosting the chances of parents clicking the link provided.Although victims of this scam will only lose a little bit of cash, this is now happening on such a large scale that these scammers are making large amounts of money.

After paying, you will be removed from the groups within a couple of minutes.

Lu invested 125.000 RMB (over 20.000 US dollar) to get his son enrolled.

Because his son initially received a (fake) admission letter from the university, the Lu family did not immediately discover they were scammed.

Users of i Os and We Chat are advised to update both their We Chat and their i OS version.

So-called hospital scalpers have been a problem in China for a long time.

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After doing so, they learn the group consists of hundreds of people posting spam, emoticons and vile words.