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The .2 million investment is projected to create 31 new jobs.

“As our company continues to grow, we are pleased to make this significant investment in our Manning, S. facility, said Meritor Senior Vice-President Chris Vallavarayan.

This time Stinney Jr’s case was given a two day hearing in which experts questioned his confession and the autopsy findings, while the judge heard accounts from the boy’s surviving brothers and sisters, and someone who had been involved in the search.

Most of the evidence from the original trial was gone and almost all the witnesses were dead.

is awaiting further information, but Baxley said the suspect was driving a vehicle that was tagged as allegedly stolen out of Florida.

He said the suspect led deputies through Summerton and was caught on Silver Road.

His case has long been spoken of as an example of how a black person could be railroaded by a justice system during the era of Jim Crow segregation laws where the investigators, prosecutors and juries where all white.

He was kept from his parents and any legal counsel when he was interrogated by authorities, and his supporters claim that the small, frail boy was so scared that he would have said whatever he thought would make the police happy, despite there having been no physical evidence linking him to the death of the girls.A jury of Tammy Dianne Brown’s peers took less than an hour-and-a-half to decide the woman was guilty of felony DUI resulting in death and felony DUI resulting in serious bodily injury.Brown was sentenced to 15 years in prison on the felony DUI resulting in death charge and received a 12-year concurrent sentence on the felony DUI resulting in serious bodily injury charge. Read the rest Meritor, a global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle markets, is expanding its existing operations in Clarendon County.The judge said she was overturning the boy’s conviction because the South Carolina court had failed to grant a fair trial in 1944.there is nothing to indicate guilt and that, in a town where whites and blacks were separated by the railroad tracks, Stinney did not stand a chance in a case involving two white girls with an all-white jury.

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