Sex chat text on skype

Posted by / 02-May-2020 18:24

This may be news to you if you use Skype on literally any other platform.

Skype for Mac never includes advertising, and neither does Skype for Android, i Phone, Linux, or the web.

The key is that users must type their formatting characters directly in their Skype messages, as the usual keyboard shortcuts, such as Command/Control B for bold, don’t work. Bold: use *asterisks* to format your message in bold.

Unfortunately, it’s incredibly unreliable, and only getting worse.It’s because Skype seems to be falling apart and becoming worse.You could make a great argument for switching to many other chat services, too–from Facebook Messenger to Apple’s i Message to Google Hangouts.By default, Skype text messages appear to lack any formatting options, and as a result look rather plain.But Skype does indeed support basic text formatting, if you know the rules.

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I’ll repeat that: Microsoft owns Skype, but Skype only includes advertising on Windows.

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