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You need only rifle through the hundreds of comments on this other post to sense the raw force of the vitriol out there.

The prevailing question is, “Why endure losing half of my wealth and sanity in divorce court to a woman who only bitched and complained anyway…assuming she didn’t flatly reject me before any of that could ever happen?

That’s because, good grief…I’m the right guy to ask.

After a turbulent first marriage and a devastating divorce, why in the world would I ever get married again…especially when I had successfully crafted a lifestyle of dating many high-quality women at once?

” With the availability of on-demand video porn in HD and even lifelike rubber dolls nowadays, these guys are wondering why anyone would even bother trifling with a real, live woman.

Hell, I’m taken to task (or even burned at the stake) for actually liking women and having the audacity to encourage other men to do the same. But yes, I actually still adore women, even though I could be easily led to believe I’m in a rapidly dwindling minority.

I honestly believe that most women want to treat a good man right, and my life purpose remains promoting solid, healthy male/female relationship.

Still, the idea of whether women ultimately want to love us or destroy is is NOT the black-and-white issue that some would make it out to be. Some may not know that I’ve experienced more than my fair share of tough breaks at the hands of poisonous women.

Remarkable stuff starts happening when one thinks for him or herself.

I would love to have finished this piece sooner, but it’s been one of those posts where I’ve kept getting haunted by new and intriguing ideas even when I’m trying to think about something else. Continue reading “A Dating Coach’s Take On Why Mass Shootings Happen” » Posted on February 6, 2018Filed Under Being Cool, Dating Coaching, Hilarious, Men Attracting Women, Men's Issues, Pickup, Relationship Management, Seduction, Sexuality | 13 Comments Most of my online research on the subject enduring endless rants over purely innocent, and in many cases ostensibly innocuous (e.g.

I mean, by now Emily has grown accustomed to me leaping out of bed in the night, all but sprinting to my computer with a spring in my step and a light bulb glowing over my head. Just last night I found myself driving home from the gym repeating “there’s a cause…pipe bomb…masculine self-fulfilling prophecy” over and over in my head so the spontaneous ideas wouldn’t evaporate before I managed to get home. “you look beautiful tonight”) alleged mistakes by men who meant well, it’s just that they were apparently ill-equipped to read angry women’s minds Said angry women, in turn not able to read men’s minds, therefore assumed the worst, of course.

money, citizenship), low self-esteem or even gnawing loneliness.

But how ironic is it that we have so much trouble positively identifying the .

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Rather, I’m simply going to present what has occurred to me naturally as a man who is immersed in the art and science of social dynamics and male/female relationships on a daily basis.