Schema rb not updating

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Schema rb not updating

Even with a single set of database files rolling out your changes is problematic at best.

And if you need to roll the change back, it's likely that the only way to do it is to drop all the tables, restore to a known good version of your schema, and reload the data from a backup.

There's a great reason for this migration: Rails provides a robust framework built on one of the most flexible languages ever conceived.

One of the tricks in the Rails bag is the concept of "Migrations." Migrations provide an excellent example of why developers would want to use the framework, and here's why: Generally speaking, managing changes to a database schema has been one of the most odious tasks for a team of developers.

Fortunately, Migrations allows a developer to manage rollout, and rollback, of database schema changes in a controlled and consistent manner, and one that happens to feel very natural to a Rails programmer.You can override the version number by appending VERSION=x after the command.You can also pass RAILS_ENV="production" to force the migration to run on the production database (or test, dev, etc.).Most have relied on storing DDL in revision control, ever vigilant to ensure that our database creation scripts are updated and consistent with each rollout.That solution can be very clumsy in an Extreme Programming project.

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