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Rowupdating textbox value

The user chooses the connection and it populates the gridview with the data from that connection.The control you are trying to reference is within the Item Template which can't be referenced during the Grid View.

Ok what's happening is that you are binding the data source for the Grid View every time a postback occurs in the Page_Load method.I have a gridview with Auto Generate Edit Button="True" .Yes, it does not work for me, however as you see I am using dynamically formatted grids so maybe it will work for you - if you have your grid defined in the Let me know R e.newvalues still looking at the e.oldvalues collection in gridview rowupdating event I am using 2.0.I have Gridview in my page and i am trying to edit information with in grid.Thank you, Bhavin Gajjar Excuse me for my tardiness - I was on a vacation.

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So, i am nigther using View State() or datatable for the same...

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