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In any event he grew up in comfortable circumstances, enjoyed a good education, and found the way open to a public career.

Tacitus studied rhetoric, which provided a general literary education including the practice of prose composition.

Tacitus emphasizes the simple virtue as well as the primitive vices of the Germanic tribes, in contrast to the moral laxity of contemporary Rome, and the threat that these tribes, if they acted together, could present to Roman Gaul.

Here his writing goes beyond geography to political ethnography.

The work refers back to his youth, introducing his teachers Aper and Secundus.

It has been dated as early as about 80, chiefly because it is more Ciceronian in style than his other writing.

There were historians of imperial Rome before Tacitus, notably history Tacitus joined the line of succession of those who described and interpreted their own period, and he took up the story from the political situation that followed Nero’s death to the close of the Flavian dynasty., both now incomplete, totaled 30 books).

Tacitus was born perhaps in northern Italy (Cisalpine Gaul) or, more probably, in southern Gaul (Gallia Narbonensis, or present southeastern France). Though Cornelius was the name of a noble Roman family, there is no proof that he was descended from the Roman aristocracy; provincial families often took the name of the governor who had given them Roman citizenship.

By 93 Agricola was dead, but by this time Tacitus had achieved distinction on his own.

In 97, under the emperor Nerva, he rose to the consulship and delivered the funeral oration for Verginius Rufus, a famous soldier who had refused to compete for power in 68/69 after Nero’s death.

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But its style arises from its form and subject matter and does not point to an early stage of stylistic development.