Relationship ocd and dating

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Relationship ocd and dating

These are a small sample of some of the additional issues that people who are married to someone with OCD experience.Making a marriage work is already tough and adding OCD into the mix only makes things worse.Read some good books about OCD or join the International OCD Foundation to get support from other people who have been there.Gently encourage your partner to go for treatment and offer to go to therapy too.What can you do if you are married to someone who has OCD?

That person may have been struggling with OCD for several years and is now taking on the additional stressors of marriage.The OCD sufferer must now cope with someone that leaves contaminated fingerprints all throughout their home, moves items out of their proper place, criticizes for refusing to take out the garbage (that could be covered in the Ebola virus), or even blamed for ruining all of their friendships.Obviously, we all have basic problems that need work, but if your spouse has OCD, not only does that person have those basic problems but obsessions and compulsions to stress over too.People with OCD don’t do compulsions because they want to, but because they are terrified of what will happen if they don’t.The compulsions are often misguided attempts to keep loved ones (like you) safe from harm.

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He suspects that without being right there to watch me, I might ‘forget’ the rule.

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