Passport updating name

Posted by / 07-Feb-2020 03:50

Pay the replacement fee and renew your passport for another 10 years by completing the application online. If you prefer you can pick up a passport application form at a post office.You will also need to have a brief passport interview regardless if you choose to enter your details online or on a paper copy.Therefore, when you complete the Deed Poll application form, you need to enter your birth name in the current name boxes and your current name in the new name boxes.This will ensure your Deed Poll document shows the correct name change so it will be acceptable to the passport office. In all cases, you will need to apply for a new 10 year passport (5 years for a child).

If you were married abroad you will also need to provide your foreign marriage certificate with an approved translation if applicable.your surname combined with your spouse's or civil partner's surname e.g. In all the above situations, a Deed Poll is not required for the passport office.Passport application packs are available from most post offices. Please note, it does not matter that you do not have any documentary evidence of your former name change. If your current passport contains an unexpired visa, it may become invalid so you will need to check with the issuing authority whether your visa in your cancelled passport can still be used (you can request your cancelled passport is returned to you). If you are applying for your first passport and the name you are known by is different to the name on your birth certificate, you will need to enclose with your passport application a document called a Deed Poll (also known as a Change of Name Deed), which shows your name changing from your birth name to the name you are known by.

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