Outlook 2016 updating cached headers imap

Posted by / 23-Feb-2020 18:00

Outlook 2016 updating cached headers imap

In case that the synchronization process fails, we will need to eliminate the cause, by finding the specific mail items, which cause the synchronization problem.

Outlook's status bar shows "updating cached messages (2/1950)" and the number never increments. This allows you to continue operating locally and once a connection to the Exchange server surfaces the cached data can then get propagated to the Exchange server.All 10 workstations are not using add-ins for Outlook.The Issue: One user in particular is having issues with their Outlook.When using Exchange Online services, the communication channel is based on a WAN infrastructure, which by default, have narrow bandwidth verse LAN infrastructure.Before we begin the troubleshooting process, we should classify the Mailbox as Standard Mailbox or “Large Mailbox”.

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In this section, we review to optional causes for Outlook synchronization problems. Desktop Hardware As mentioned before, when using the Exchange Online services, the synchronization process is created using WAN infrastructure (communication over the public network).