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Until very recently Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia were used by villagers as cold storage for their food or wine cellars.

The very richness of the landscape poses grave challenges for historic preservation in Turkey.

In Anatolia, the settlement pattern is more or less how it was during the time of the ancient civilizations.

There is a good chance that the road you are traveling on is the same one on which great warriors of the East and the West trod and colorful caravans passed along, and couriers of mail or secret treaties galloped. Paul and his disciples or by Sufis spreading divine knowledge.

Named by Joseph Brunner after his childhood home near Mannheim, Germany, the house was completed in 1756.

Typical of German Colonial architecture, the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum has these features: A British Style Takes Root in the New World The symmetrical, orderly Georgian style became prominent in Colonial America.

From these civilizations come many familiar legends: women warriors known as Amazons, the wealth of the Lydian King Croesus, King Midas with the golden touch, and the Knot of Gordion that young Alexander was able to undo with the strike of his sword.

Then there are the lesser places, both sacred and ordinary, but with profound meaning: monasteries, tombs of local saints, heroes, artists or poets, mosques, churches, walls, fortresses, palaces, fountains, and cemeteries.

When you have got something that works, why change it?

These were people of different origin, coming in waves and mingling with those already settled, each time creating a new synthesis. Up until the advent of modernity (which in Turkey is associated with the comprehensive highway program of the 1950's) the landscape had remained as it was through millennia.

When you see a replica of one of the first agrarian villages in the world, dating back to almost 7,000 B.

Bridges built by Sinan and other Ottoman architects dot the countryside and are still used for the safe passage of goods and services.

Caravanserais dating back to the Seljuk Empire of the 11th century offered sanctuary and relief to weary travelers.

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In addition to the historic edifices proudly displayed at the main archaeological sites such as Assos, Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus, Miletus, Priene, Didyma, Aphrodisias, Heraclia, Myra, Olympus, Chimeira, Phaselis, Patara, Xantos, Pinara, Tlos, Letoon, Halicarnassus, Cnidus, Hattusas, Alacahöyük, Çatalhöyük, Yazilikaya, Nemrut, Ani, Hasankeyf, Zeugma, Gobeklitepe, Psidian Antioch, Nicea, Sardis, Gordion, Caunos, Labranda, Perge, and Aspendos, many coastal villages and towns are blessed with their very own Anatolian ruins on the outskirts.

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