Older women dating younger guys jokes

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So recently I’ve had the itch to take on some more personal coaching clients…

[ March 24, 2003: Message edited by: Capablanca Kepler ] From a strictly Sex point of view it makes alot of sense.

Since males reach their sexual peak at about 17 and then its all down hill, and females don't reach their peak until about 35 - you can see why a 17 year old might appeal to a 35 year old woman. .) Originally posted by Randall Twede: sorry cindy but i know from personal experience that that is just not true.

The best part is, when you know how to spot young ladies who want to fuck an older guy – pretty much all the work is done for you.

Not only is there ZERO risk of rejection, but once you make contact, she’ll be coming on to you.

Personally of course I have never felt attracted to anyone other than my husband (And if you beleive that . men peak at 17 and stay there the rest of their lives.

I’ve recognized a few common mistakes older guys make.Like the old saying goes "A dying candle burns brightly." an older woman is much more accepting, reciprocating and understanding to a younger man's needs. She knows the right words to say, right buttons to press and the right moves in bed. While the older woman gets a man she can teach things about life, who can satisfy her physically and mentally by holding long conversations. So it works both ways a la "U scratch my back, I scratch ur back." Please note that the above may not necessarily be applicable to one and all. Being up for dating older women is only going to widen your dating pool, and that's not a bad thing. ; Just all the techniques for meeting guys that I've used effectively and that work for men too, stuff that my male friends have used effectively, and additional easy stuff on how to meet some single women when it's just guys guys guys all day long.

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or if you are a women , do you feel younger guys attractive? Rahul This abnormal behavoir is generally seen in frustrated guys who generally day dream about women all the time.

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