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Of tea 2 dating

This causes the Matcha to overproduce chlorophyll, giving it its vibrant green color and preserving its delicate amino acids. To this day, when the Matcha is harvested in early May, the fresh green tea leaves are plucked by hand.

Immediately after harvest, they are steamed and dried.

A historic tea cultivating region dating back to the 1200s, Nishio’s stable climate, fresh pristine river waters, fertile soil, and remoteness from urban development foster tea leaves that are more resiliently green and full of nutrients.

One of the key components in Matcha is the amino acid L-theanine, which is found almost exclusively in shade-grown green teas like Matcha.

Aiya’s private label options include a number of our highest quality Matcha and premium loose leaf green teas.

Aiya was established in 1888 as a local shop providing dyes and teas.

AIYA holds 1300 units of granite stone grinders, which are maintained by in-house skilled artisans.

The grinding process is conducted in a clean room where the temperature and humidity is closely monitored and controlled, with industrial filters keeping the air clean, eliminating bacteria and germs in the air.

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A stone mill consists of two granite parts, with a slight opening in the middle called "Fukumi." The tea is funneled in from the top, filling in this small space, and pushed out gradually.

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