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Ocr dating

To gain access to the Members' area of the Catalogue … Enter your chosen password and click on "Change Password". Auction Catalogues We have an extensive collection of auction catalogues with over 11,000 catalogues, including named and general sales from more than 250 auction houses.These date back to 1872, with not only British sales but with strength in European and North American auction houses.The use of codes for the names of journals, while avoiding repetition and making it easier to cross-reference the entries, results in constant referral to the separate listing.Peter Duggan initially unravelled the index for West African countries, and Frank Walton's new transformation, via Microsoft Excel, avoids the need to search the listing by showing the full name of the journal as well as retaining both codes and cross-references.Contact us please only at [email protected] We hope that you find the catalogue informative and helpful.

Searches can be made for any text that has appeared in since 1892, with all articles in which the text appears being listed.It may take a little time, and unless we have your email address already registered with the Society, you won't be able to get access. You do not appear to have an account to use this website yet.Please contact us at [email protected] to register." In order to assess the impact of the project on our permanent staff, contact with the Society about anything to do with the Catalogue will be by email only to [email protected] That's the password that was sent to your email address ... and click on "Log In" to take you to the "logged on" box If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address in the box, click on "Forgotten Password? You can change your password to whatever you wish it to be, provided that it is at least seven characters long and is composed of both letters and numbers.The price to non-members will be £4 per magazine, with members paying just £2.The only way of making payments is by Pay Pal, in a manner which frequent Internet users will have used many times on other sites.

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Over the intervening 118 years, a wealth of advanced philatelic knowledge has been printed in its 33,000 pages.