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The project culminates in an exciting,,"Festival Day Around the World." Students: This project is adaptable for all primary grades as well as bilingual and special education classes.

What You Need: Materials And Facilities: The room should accommodate learning centers so student groups can work simultaneously on various activities throughout the classroom.

Cooking equipment is needed to prepare ethnic foods.

Outside Resources: Public and school libraries provide literature selections and videos.

Children enjoy visits to ethnic grocery stores and restaurants.

Parents assist with arts and crafts projects and the preparation of ethnic foods.

Background lessons include the history of drama and biographical information about famous dramatists.

All of the above are treated in ways that are age - appropriate for middle school.

Written reviews are evaluated in traditional ways and in peer evaluation formats.

It fosters self-awareness, appreciation and recognition of one's own individual talent or interest, and those of others, while using speaking, listening, and viewing, as well as writing.

Since each student selects a topic in which he is already knowledgeable, or has experienced success, the interest level is intrinsic.

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Teamwork, building positive self-concept, and responsibility converge in this unit with strong academic content in writing, and speaking, listening and viewing skills.

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