Maura tierney dating

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Maura tierney dating

(And please, if any other posters are going to pitch in with answers here, please refrain the usual remarks that her face is shaped like a bread pudding, or her eyebrows are made out of walking canes, or her lips are perfectly crafted for muttering "Michigan Womyn's Fest" thousands of times).[quote]Is she really Gene Tierney's granddaughter? PS: Maura Tierney and her younger boyfriend broke up, by the way. She had zero chemistry with the guys she was paired up with on ER.

[i]In a magazine article today (Parade Magazine) she said that her ex boyfriend had helped her when she first found out she had cancer. A very attractive woman in her best years does not spend 13 years married to a gay man unless she's gay herself R28. I'm guessing, if your story is true, she's just not out to you.[quote]I saw her shopping at Whole Foods with a hot, well-built guy. On the show she was supposed to be this highly desirable woman, but she was plain as an old shoe and always had a hangdog expression on her face.

She was in a relationship - or married - to a guy at the time.

She was remarkably successful as 'the girl' in a lot of movies at that time without ever becoming tabloid fodder.

Unfortunately though she looks plain beyond words, angry and possibly allergic to a makeup brush.

If she does end up being gay and coming out - I would imagine that it would be a situation where as a bisexual she eventually settles down with a woman. Don't Tell Me" on NPR, a program that frequently phone celebrities to take a quiz.Her glib answer to "who do you want your character to hook up with on the show" was "Laura Innes." And she clarified THAT by explaining that she thought she was especially wonderful because she was a great director - rather than back-track with nervous "oooh I'm straight" stuff.Even so I believe she only pinged to me because of wishful thinking.And it occurs to me I've never seen her in the tabs or any speculation about her relationships despite the fact she has been in the public eye for like 15 years dating back to her News Radio days and on to her long-term er stint.She's never pinged for me and I've never seen her name mentioned on DL so has she just been hiding in plain sight this entire time?

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She's really a love bug --- total 100% ball of goo."[...]Back in 2008, while she was still on the show, she signed on to perform off-Broadway in Nicky Silver's black comedy "Three Changes" even though she admits to "crazy" stage fright.

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