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Then started to Ask for money or i tune cards asking all kinds of thing but when you call them they don't answer they say cant use the phones in Africa on dangerous area. CRAP 100% It is fake, from overseas, total fake profiles, one of the worst I have ever seen.

Even if just casually looking this is the worst site I have ever seen. Had to cancel my credit cards due to over seas charges ! I am a senior looking for a significant other and started with

I was never able to get to their user agreement let alone section 5.

They wanted a handwritten letter postmarked no later then 72 hours after my phone call, mailed to them with everything included. Today I got a response saying I was not eligible for a refund because I used the site after my 3 day trial. Had a good date in my 2nd or 3rd week but things have dried up a bit since.

I went on the site for information as to how to cancel and get a refund. Most people will not write for a refund and if they do they have another way around it. If I compare with the other site I use ( I'd have to admit that WJF wins cos ive had more dates and even met someone that I was seeing for a while on that site.

Bottom line is both sites are good and if you can afford to join two, you could do worse than those.

And if you get a chance with a nice person grab it with both hands.

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So in conclusion I am going to bet that what u are saying once a member is probable cause for a warrant to be issued without u even knowing how they infiltrated your network safety net! Thank you, Gilbert Coan I have reported this to my credit card company and they continue to pay Mate1 for service I did not request.

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