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Linux shell programing validating date

The term “shell scripting” gets mentioned often in Linux forums, but many users aren’t familiar with it.Learning this easy and powerful programming method can help you save time, learn the command-line better, and banish tedious file management tasks.These were little text files that you could fill with commands to execute and Windows would run them in turn.It was a clever and neat way to get some things done, like run games in your high school computer lab when you couldn’t open system folders or create shortcuts.

Other shells include the Korn Shell (ksh), the C Shell (csh), and variations such as tcsh. This tutorial assumes some prior experience; namely: You may want to review some of the feedback that this tutorial has received to see how useful you might find it.Command-line entries will be preceded by the Dollar sign ($).If your prompt is different, enter the command: Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash and more is my 564-page book on Shell Scripting.Significant words will be written in italics when mentioned for the first time.Code segments and script output will be displayed as monospaced text.

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And, you don’t have to learn another language because you’re using what you already know: the command-line. You get to program with commands you already know, while learning staples of most major programming languages. Since it’s so universal, you should be able to script regardless of your platform.

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  2. ” Quiz 33 Foundation Topics 36 Basic Shell Skills 36 Executing Commands 36 I/O Redirection 37 Using Pipes 39 History 40 Bash Completion 42 Editing Files with vim 42 Understanding the Shell Environment 45 Understanding Variables 45 Environment Configuration Files 46 Using /etc/motd and /etc/issue 46 Finding Help 47 Using --help 48 Using man 48 Finding the Right man Page 48 Updating mandb 50 Using info 51 Using /usr/share/doc Documentation Files 53 Summary 53 Exam Prep Tasks 53 Review All Key Topics 53 Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 53 Define Key Terms 54 Review Questions 54 End-of-Chapter Labs 54 Lab 2.1 55 Chapter 3 Essential File Management Tools 57 Do I Know This Already Quiz 57 Foundation Topics 60 Working with the File System Hierarchy 60 Defining the File System Hierarchy 60 Understanding Mounts 61 Managing Files 66 Working with Wildcards 67 Managing and Working with Directories 67 Working with Absolute and Relative Pathnames 68 Listing Files and Directories 69 Copying Files 70 Moving Files 71 Deleting Files 71 Using Links 73 Understanding Hard Links 73 Understanding Symbolic Links 74 Creating Links 74 Removing Links 75 Working with Archives and Compressed Files 76 Managing Archives with tar 77 Using Compression 78 Summary 80 Exam Preparation Tasks 80 Review All Key Topics 80 Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 81 Define Key Terms 81 Review Questions 81 End-of-Chapter Labs 82 Lab 3.1 82 Chapter 4 Working with Text Files 85 “Do I Know This Already?

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