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Khatia buniatishvili nude

is 27 years old, speaks five languages, and is undoubtedly one of the world’s most glamourous classical musicians.

With Renaud I think we are very different as musicians.But I think that perfection of technique and a scrupulous reading of the text as the main purpose or as the way into the composer’s music is not the purpose of interpretation, and often the results are contrary to creating an interpretation.This is what I see today– the most important thing is to be perfect and very correct to the text, which I understand, but it’s your interpretation and your spirit in the piece, and your mood, your thoughts, and your own individuality which actually makes the piece come alive because if we don’t give ourselves to the piece then the piece is dead– it’s like an untouchable room, and art is not like that.Each interpretation should have its own spirit, its own breath to bring the piece alive, and perfection is something you should try to be close to but it should not be the main thing.MR: In your solo recitals you strive for unaffected and natural phrasing.

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