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It's easy to forget because you don't want to get, “Hey, I'm a movie star.” You don't want to get that way, but it's also easy to forget how meaningful that is.Last night I stood in the lobby of the restaurant that I was in, and I had just like regular New Yorker conversations with the people about a lot of things.So it makes that part of the day, the down hours, certainly that part is very interesting.She's nothing if not fascinating, and working with her, she's very unpredictable, which I like. She approaches a script sort of like a play in that she has the entire script memorized before you start doing the movie, which I don’t know any other actors doing that.That's why, as I say, I've been studying it actually four out of the last five movies that I've done, but the last three were specifically that. How does finding love late in life resonate with you?One of the common conversations that I have with friends of all ages, once again, particularly mid-life people, is that whatever their situation, if they're not in it, they all yearn for one more really romantic experience.I'm always afraid it will disturb someone if gifts are too extravagant, but I've thrown a few out. PAGE 2: Being Funny, Oscar Campaigns, and Romance Additional “Something’s Gotta Give” Cast Interviews: Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:"Something’s Gotta Give" Photos"Something’s Gotta Give” Trailer, Credits and News Are you funny in real life? I'm a little phobic about that, but no, I date everyone, all ages.

In this movie, he goes away and finds that he has to be responsible.It is a delicate balance, and what you find with this movie, the guy has a brush with mortality through having a heart problem.In drama, you would play that heart problem or you'd heavily underscore the performance with it.That exalted, wonderful feeling that you say that you'll never do again when you're not in it, but nothing stands in the way of this. It's interesting to talk about this movie because it's hard to articulate.She's so classically simple in the way she shoots a movie, Nancy Meyers, and it's hard to describe why it's a unique movie.

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