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' Without that, that's when the problems ensue and she's had trouble finding an identity and a sense of purpose, especially when you're not able to finish on her own terms.'She's in tremendous pain physically and mentally.She struggled with depression, and it's a tough story.' She was hailed at future champion and had four successful years, including reaching the Wimbledon semi-finals in 1991 when she was 15-years-old.Agassi was clearly relaxed, Federer was enjoying himself, and Nadal was getting into the conversation here and there.So when Agassi provoked him, I thought would finally see Sampras have some fun. He walked back, fixed his strings, imitated the pigeon walk, walked over the baseline then back.

The former Wimbledon semi-finalist was rushed to hospital in Florida at the end of June after being found in a 'dazed state' in a hotel room.

But at the age of 18 she went off the rails with arrests for shoplifting and drugs.

After a spell in a Miami Beach drug rehab centre she relaunched her career and went on to win the Australian Open in 2002 by beating the world No 1 Martina Hingis.

You know things are getting weird when Rafa Nadal has to tell Agassi to settle down some. But, as if he couldn’t handle the quiet, he decided to provoke Sampras.

Up to that point, Sampras, and to some extent Nadal, was particularly quiet.

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Henin was coming off a tough early round loss in the actual tournament just hours earlier but it was nice to see her enjoying herself. There were a couple of flashy shots here and there but Navratilova and Henin were significantly better.